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All payments are processed via PayPal. The payment methods currently available are: credit card, debit card or PayPal balance. You do not need to have a PayPal account to sign up for the workshop. Simply choose 'Pay with Credit or Debit card' during checkout.

We use PayPal to process payments to keep your financial details safe. As a result we do not receive any of your financial details.

Prices are in US Dollars.

Workshop Access

Your one-time payment gives you full access to our workshop as well as the support section. The workshop is self-paced as you can take as long as you want to complete it without it expiring.

Be aware that at times we may add new content to the workshop or change existing content.


While support is available as part of the workshop, please understand that ongoing one-on-one support will be limited at our discretion. While we will try to help each tutor as much as we can, we reserve the right to discontinue email based support at any time.

Refund Policy

The strategies in this workshop will only work if you do. You need to be committed to taking action before you expect to see results. For this reason there are no refunds. Think of the cost of this workshop as a commitment to take action and follow our advice.

If you're not sure whether you will complete the workshop or you're thinking about trying the workshop out then requesting a refund if you don't like it, we recommend you don't sign up and refunds will not be offered. This workshop is for tutors who are committed to taking action.

Seeing Results

While we have worked extremely hard to put together a solid strategy that has been very effective for a large number of tutors, there is no guarantee that you will achieve any specific results. Your results as a tutor will be based on a wide range of factors including your location, tutoring rates, competition, subjects taught, quality of website, etc. We will work hard to help tutors, but results cannot be guaranteed.

Finally, online marketing is a long term strategy that may not bring you instant results. Some parts of the workshop can take time before you start seeing results. The work you put in today may take a while before it starts taking effect. Understand that this workshop focuses on building you a strong marketing foundation to last you for years into the future. It won't provide you with instant results.